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Installation Wireless Access Point


EPC, Roaming, Sims

After more than 15 years of ongoing investment in R & D, today Halys has the skills and products to provide a complete mobile core network HLR-HSS (with particularly powerful profile database management functionalities), GGSN- PGW, MME, IN, IMS, VAS, Unified Messaging, VMS, SMS, MMS, a full-featured OTA SIM Server.


The company is also a global specialist for “virtual roaming” hubs: SS7 signaling, Diameter, data (GTP), SMSC and MMS.


This wide range of solutions allows Halys to address the needs of traditional telecom operators, but also to meet the expectations of mobile public safety / PMR networks and private networks (smart city, companies, big events…).

  • HalysRoaming Hub: Interco & Voice and SMS services,

  • HalysGGSN & PDN GW 4G: Gateways to Mobile Internet Access Services

  • HalysSMS Hub,

  • HalysMMS Hub,

  • HalysGTP Hub: Interco Mobile Data Services

  • HalysSIM Card OTA Server (read / write remotely)