Halys' PMR solution

for emergency and security services


To ensure security and carry out operations, critical intervention professionals need today modern means of communication: voice, video, data, highly available and secure.

Halys' PMR solution enable to acces to a private and autonomous 4G/ 5G networks everywhere, using and accessing to applications and MCS (Mission Criticial Solutions).

Police, military, firefighters, emergency services: they are all specialists to critical situations. During major interventions, communicating continuously with their colleagues, their hierarchy or a command post is an essential need for them.

With Halys' PMR solution, high-speed LTE/ 4G/ 5G networks can be quickly deployed on-site in order to units intervention and business applications can work together, instantly and efficiently.

Halys' PMR solution for Smart Cities


Information to residents, high-definition video, remote monitoring... cities are getting smart. They seek to meet the challenge of improving the quality of life, the innovative, agile and connected city in order to develop its attractiveness and services.

Tomorrow cities are organized around several axes: environmental issues and energy constraints, development of economic models oriented on the uses and integration of digital in cities.

With Halys' PMR solution, Smart Cities benefit from their own expandable and scalable LTE/ 4G/ 5G network for full city network coverage. This is the choice of digital development by reducing telecommunications costs

Halys' PMR solution for private companies and French state agencies & companies


Today, the broadband communication needs for private companies and French state agencies & companies are increasing because they exchange more and more data and connect more and more objects to the network. 

With the Halys' PMR solution, businesses benefit from their own LTE/ 4G/ 5G broadband network to connect people, machines and objects. This secure turnkey solution can be deployed for all fixed or mobile communications within the company, on one or more sites. Depending on the choice, it can also be hosted at Halys or operated remotely.

Halys advantages

  • 24/24 hours support; 7/7 days

  • An engineers team to listen to you for the realization of your project

  • A SIM offers

  • A packaged offer: EPC - radio - SIM - network code

  • At home or operated and housed by Halys

  • 100% French technology

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