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In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


Your turnkey 4G PMR tactical suitcase

Deployed in a few minutes, the Halys 4G PMR tactical suitcase provides access to a very high speed mobile network at the place of deployment.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

  • Easy and quick to deploy

  • Extensible , scalable and modular : allows the connection of radio equipment of frequencies and powers adapted to the environment or to user needs

  • Resilient : guaranteed network operation

  • Autonomous with a very high speed connection

  • Interoperability with other networks: satellites, VHF gateways, other 4G network

  • Qualitative : high availability of bandwidth

  • Geo-redundancy of infrastructures

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  • Compact nomadic suitcase

  • Weight: <15kg

  • Usable in extreme conditions (-20 °; + 50 °)

  • Food :
    - Hot-swap batteries with autonomy 3 to 7 hours
    - On mains 80-264 VAC
    - 12V / 24V VDC

  • Power supply of 1 Enode-B in 48V ou PoE

  • 1 USB ports

  • 3 RJ-45 ports

  • Integrates an EPC 4G core network / Intel Quad-Core i7 CPU


Your tactic network transportable in a backpack


Your tactic network transportable in a vehicle


Your own touch network in business

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